Powers of the Examination Committee to regulate and conduct the examinations

The Examination Committee is vested with the power to exercise all the powers vested in the Executive Council/Examination Committee with regard to the planning and conduct of the examinations of the Institute and to frame such rules and regulations as may be necessary in that behalf. The main functions inter-alia include:-

  • Sanctions the formation of branches and examination centers within and outside Pakistan under the Institute; appoint representative in any place, and may regulate by bye-laws, the conduct and scope of the activities of any branch and examinations centers have power to dissolve any branch and examination center and remove any representative connected with the Institute.
  • Appoint, remove or suspend the examinations.
  • May from time to time make and issue rules and regulations for the holding of examinations under and subject to prescribed regulations and the bye-laws.
  • May hold the examinations at one or more places at least once but not more than twice a year in the prescribed subjects and in accordance with the rules of examinations made under the articles.