Technical & Professional Support

Members of the IFAP benefit from ongoing educational opportunities, publications and updates featuring the latest developments, as well as unique networking opportunities that promote their professional and career development. TheIFAP’s objectives are to actively promote and develop the profession, its credibility and a thriving business environment in Pakistan. The IFAP upholds and supports the fundamental tenets of the profession–the Code of Ethics and the International Standards for the Professional Practice of the forensic accountants, forensic auditors and anti-fraud professionals. We are committed to the development our members and supports the profession by providing a wide range of services dedicated to the education and advancement of forensic accountants, forensic auditors and anti-fraud practitioners. IFAP members are some of the most highly-rated speakers and experts in the Forensic Accounting, Forensic Auditing, Forensic Investigation, Fraud Examination and anti-fraud profession. Our members have years of practical and professional experience. The IFAPcommunity of experts will advance your career:

  • Regulating and supporting the profession.
  • Educating the professionals.
  • Trainings and Certifications.
  • World Class Resources.

The IFAP supports you and your career by providing the training and tools you need to prevent, detect and investigate fraud. Join today and become a world-class resource to your clients, colleagues and company.

The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) is the only recognized professional body for Forensic Accounting, Forensic Auditing, fraud and forensic examination practitioners in Pakistan. Registered by IPO Pakistan, this officially affords professional status to everybody with the Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA) qualification, and recognizes the IFAP as constituted to represent and regulate forensic accounting, forensic auditing specialists and anti-fraud professionals. As a non-profit professional body we exist to improve the level of professionalism and positively influence the quality of advice delivered by our members.

The IFAP provide Bona Fide qualifications through administration of the Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA) Examination which is recognized internationally as professional qualification. Through our global partnership with the International forensic and non-forensic Institutes, we are the only institution able to offer the Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA) certification. The Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA) mark asserts that the forensic accounting and anti-fraud professional has met stringent qualification and competency requirements and adheres to an uncompromising code of ethics and professional standards.