Misconduct Of Students

Misconduct at Examinations

The following acts of a student will amount to misconduct in an examination and therefore shall be liable to disciplinary action against him/her if found of any of these acts which are strictly prohibited:-

  1. Possessing or taking into examination from any books, notes or other materials.
  2. Aiding or attempting to aid another candidate or obtaining or attempting to obtain aid from another candidate.
  3. Disobeying the instructions of examination invigilator or committing breach of examination rules and discipline.
  4. Giving false and misleading information to the examination invigilator.

The invigilator is authorized to remove the candidate from the examination hall if h/she finds him/her guilty of the foregoing acts. On the report of the invigilator the Executive Council/Examination Committee of the Institute may impose such penalties/fines as it may consider fit in each case. For serious acts of misconduct and misbehaviour at the examination hall the Executive Council/Examination Committee of the Institute is also likely to debar a student from the Institute’s examination and also cancellation of his/her registration with the Institute.