Program Structure

Program Structure

The Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA) Program is divided into four levels/21 papersFormation Level 1/5 papers, Formation Level 2/5 papers, Professional Level 1/5 papers and Professional Level 2/6 papers. After completing Formation Level 1/5 papers, the candidates will be admitted into the Formation Level 2/5 papers. After completing Formation Level 2/5 papers, they will be admitted into Professional Level 1/5 papers. The candidates of the Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA) Program will be required to study and complete the four levels/21 papers in a sequential manner.

Formation  Levels

  • Formation Level 1

Paper FL1 Introduction to Forensic Accounting (Marks: 100)

Paper FL2 Concepts & Techniques of Fraud Examination (Marks: 100)

Paper FL3 Business Communication & Behavioral Studies (Marks: 100)

Paper FL4 Economics & Business Planning (Marks: 100)

Paper FL5 Quantitative Methods (Marks: 100)

  • Formation Level 2

Paper FL6 Financial Accounting (Marks: 100)

Paper FL7 Auditing & Assurance (Marks: 100)

Paper FL8 Taxation & Mercantile Law (Marks: 100)

Paper FL9 Forensic Accounting Investigation Process & Techniques (Marks: 100)

Paper Fl10 Management Information & Control System (Marks: 50)

Professional Level

  •  Professional Level 1

Paper PL11 Advanced Accounting & Financial Reporting (Marks: 100)

Paper PL12 Corporate Laws (Marks: 100)

Paper PL13 Cost & Management Accounting (Marks: 100)

Paper PL14 Strategic Business Management (Marks: 100)

Paper PL15 Anti-Money Laundering Measures & Business Ethics (Marks: 100)

  •  Professional Level 2

Paper PL16 Advanced Auditing & Assurance (Marks: 100)

Paper PL17 Advanced Taxation (Marks: 100)

Paper PL18 Business Finance Decisions (Marks: 100)

Paper PL19 Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Ethics (Marks: 100)

Paper PL20 Criminology, Legal Environment & Ethics (Marks: 100)

Paper PL21 Forensic Accountant Independent Expert Reports (Marks: 100)

The examination for each subject is of hours duration. Each subject has one paper of 3 hours each. Examination are conducted twice a year, in last week of January and July every year.