Conferment of Membership and Certificate

Membership of the Institute is conferred upon fulfilment of the conditions described in the constitution of the Institute, but nevertheless the following procedure must be followed for applying which also includes the conditions binding upon the applicant on admission as a member:-

  • A person seeking admission to membership of the Institute shall make an application in the prescribed form along with the amount of requisite fee payable and shall also provide the Executive Council with such other information as may be required by the Executive Council of the Institute.
  • Every person upon applying for admission to membership sign an undertaking that he/she will, if admitted, so long as he/she is a member, duly observe the regulations and the bye-laws of the Institute for the time being in force and that he/she will not use the professional designation nor the designatory letters denoting his/her membership of the Institute except while he/she remains a member of the Institute.
  • The Executive Council of the Institute shall have full discretion subject only to those regulations and the bye-laws to accept or reject all applications for admission to membership. The Executive Council’s decision shall be final and it shall not be liable to give any reasons therefor.

Every member shall be entitled to a Certificate of Membership in the form prescribed. All membership certificates issued by the Institute shall remain the property of the Institute and the holder of a membership certificate is bound to return the said membership certificate to the Institute on his/her ceasing to be a member of the Institute for any reason whatsoever.