Exemptions Allowed in Special Cases

Members of others professional Institutes/Bodies whose examinations, educational and professional standards are considered equivalent to those of the Institute may be admitted as members. The status of membership of this Institute conferrable will, however, depend upon the status of membership already held by such applicant in the others Institutes/Bodies. While the Institute strictly adheres to the principles of detailed scrutiny of applications for membership and exemptions to assess the equivalence criteria, the Executive Council/Exemption Committee is also empowered to consider and grant exemptions to applicants whose educational qualifications are not covered by the conditions laid down in the exemption schedule.

Another important consideration which the Executive Council/Exemption Committee follows in granting exemptions in special cases which fall outside the existing frame-work of exemption rules, is the overall and complete set of relevant academic and practical achievements of the applicant acceptable to the Executive Council/Exemption Committee, of course, having regard to the cardinal principle of determining the professional equivalence in each case separately. The decision of the Executive Council/Exemption Committee in this behalf is absolute and final. The applicants falling in this category are, however, entitled to an opportunity to appeal and submit necessary clarifications and documentary evidence in support of their claim for exemption to the satisfaction of the Executive Council/Exemption Committee who may in its sole discretion reconsider such appeals.