Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan

IFAP has present 315 members including Associates and Fellows (AFAs & FFAs) who are working in industry, trade and services in both public and private sectors. The membership of IFAP is rapidly increasing. A person desirous of becoming a member of the Institute is required to pass the Final examinations conducted by The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP). He is further required to possess practical experience ranging from three to four years. A person after passing the Final examination may enroll as Forensic Accounting Professional Affiliate-IFAP. After qualifying in the Final examination and acquiring three to four year experience, he is eligible to be admitted as an Associate member and can use the letter “AFA” (Associate Forensic Accountant/Associate Forensic Auditor) after his name to indicate that he is an Associate. Senior Associate members may be entitled to become Fellows and on admission can use the letter “FFA” (Fellow Forensic Accountant/Fellow Forensic Auditor). No person except a member of the Institute can use the designation Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor or use the letters “FA” before or after his name.

The membership of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) could be obtained subject to fulfilment of the following conditions as to:-

a. Educational Qualifications (Academic and Professional)
i. By passing the prescribed examinations as laid down in constitution of the Institute, prescribed and approved by the Executive Council of the Institute and thereafter acquiring the practical job experience or

ii. By submission of the documentary evidence to the satisfaction of the Executive Council of the Institute that the applicant for membership holds such academic or professional qualifications of Accounting, Auditing, Forensic Accounting, Forensic Auditing and practice and the related subjects as the Executive Council considers equivalent to the prescribed qualifications and standards of the Institute, or

iii. If the applicant for membership is a member of another professional Institute of Forensic Accounting and Forensic Auditing whose examinations are considered by the Executive Council to be equivalent to the examinations of the Institute.

b. Approved Practical Job Experience
i. If the applicant for membership has gained not less than five (05) or more years practical job experience of the type prescribed, such experience may include his period of service as an employee in the regularly constituted Forensic Accounting and Forensic Auditing Department of a business organization of good standing so recognized by the Executive Council of the Institute.

ii. If an applicant for membership is graduate or master of Commerce or Master of Business Administration of a recognized University, the Executive Council may reduce by not more than half year the period of practical job experience mentioned in constitution of the Institute.

iii. If the applicant for membership has attained the age of 23 years.

iv. If the general conduct, experience and suitability of the applicant for membership are in accordance with the standards prescribed and approved by the Executive Council of the Institute.

How will membership of the Institute benefits me?

Becoming a member of a professional body sends a strong signal about your commitment to your work. Becoming a member of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) signals to employers that you:-

> Have the right educational background and experience.
> Have already demonstrated competence in performing the required roles and tasks in the workplace.
> Have had your competence verified at many stages throughout your qualifying path for admission to membership.
> Are committed to Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Professional Education (CPD/CPE) maintaining the knowledge and skills needed to perform your role.
> Are committed to the high technical, ethical and behavioral standards of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP).

Forensic Accounting professionals can command some of the highest salary levels in the business sector. Without a professional designation, are unlikely to be able to achieve those levels. Joining the Institute (IFAP) will open the doors necessary to achieve your goals.

What are the benefits of Membership of IFAP?

As well as assuring potential employers about your level of commitment, skill and experience, membership of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) offers you:-

> A full range of services to support you in your professional capacity.
> A credible quality assurance process recognized by employers and clients that enhances your reputation as a professional Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA).
> An internationally recognized qualification in Forensic Accounting, Forensic Auditing, Forensic Investigation, Business Valuation Management & Fraud Examination.
> The opportunity to contribute–actively or through your support of the Institute–in a wide range of advocacy and standards development activities, both in Pakistan and

A Full Range of Services

The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) membership gives you access to a community of diverse business professionals, with opportunities for mentoring and support, business advice, fellowship and social interaction. You will be entitled to enjoy a range of services and other benefits that come with belonging to a professional body including:-

> A comprehensive program of continuing professional development activities.
> Networking prospects through an extensive branch network of members.
> Access to online services, including electronic library and search facilities.

Quality Assurance

Members of the accountancy profession have an important role in Society as trusted expert business of professionals. This imposes a duty to:-

> Work to the highest standards of professionalism.
> Attain the highest levels of performance.
> Act in the public interest.

The Code of Ethics sets our members apart from others who provide services to the public as it imposes a set of principles we work by. We train provisional members in these principles, we
provide support for members in applying the standards, we monitor the maintenance of high standards of competence and behavior, and we apply a structured process for investigating and resolving any complaints. This gives clients and employees a strong reason to select our members in preference to other people who are not members of a professional body.

International Recognition

The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) enjoys international respect. Our members are internationally recognized as holding a world class business designation and enjoy reciprocal membership rights with the leading professional accounting bodies. The international recognition our members enjoy makes working in the global economy easier.

Advocacy and Standards Development

Opportunities to influence decisions arise at various stages as the Government and international standards setting bodies formulate policy. Through providing credible and high quality submissions, and drawing on the knowledge and experience of the Institute’s members, The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) has been able to make a contribution to policy development and standards setting in Pakistan, across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India and internationally. The public interest, rather than our member’s interest, forms the basis of all of the Institute’s advice. This approach is necessary if the Institute is to maintain its credibility.

Persons suffering from natural, legal, educational or other disabilities shall be considered disqualified for the membership of the Institute and the Executive Council is empowered to exercise absolute authority in imposing such restrictions on the entry of persons as it deems necessary and appropriate in case of following applicants for membership who:-

i. Are insane or of unsound mind,
ii. Are insolvent,
iii. Are not properly qualified as required under the rules of the Institute.
iv. Have been found guilty of any act discreditable to the profession or professional misconduct by the disciplinary committee of the Institute.
v. Have been working against the interest of the Institute or otherwise found guilty of infringing any of the bye-laws, rules and regulations of the Institute,
vi. Refuses or neglects to give effect to any decision of the Institute or of the Executive Council of the Institute.
vii. Fails to pay the annual subscription or any other amount due by him/her to the Institute within twelve months from the date such debt has become due.

The FA Program is a career-oriented professional certification program. This career-orientation is built into the design and administration of the FA Program. The body of knowledge, curriculum design, education methodology, examination and grading process, all has a thrust on improving the skills for new career opportunities of the candidates.

Placement Services

The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (FAP) has an active placement program to assist the FAs in getting suitable placement. The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) constantly interacts with industry representatives at various forums including Seminars, Conventions, Executive Education Programs, etc and networks with them for placement of the FAs. As a part of the placement efforts, every year The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (FAP) placement team visits a number of potential employers and placement consultants and they are appraised of the level of knowledge and practical application skills acquired by FAs in various areas of finance and their utility to the organization as effective finance professionals.

The profiles of the FAs seeking placement assistance are made available to potential employers. The FA Membership Directory which covers the profiles of the FAs is extensively circulated among employers and placement agencies. Placement meets and workshops are part of our placement program.

All candidates who enroll into the FA Program will be provided guidance in career planning as they progress into the higher levels of the program. Through workshops and other career guidance support, the candidates get the opportunity to prepare well for the placement program and thus augment their chances for better placement. The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) believes that the entire placement exercise is a joint effort between IFAP and the candidates. While IFAP gives the guidance and support and networks with potential employers, the candidates have the responsibility to put in maximum possible efforts to get suitable placement.

Membership of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) is conferred upon fulfilment of the conditions described in the constitution of the Institute, but nevertheless the following procedure must be followed for applying which also includes the conditions binding upon the applicant on admission as a member:-

i. A person seeking admission to membership of the Institute shall make an application in the prescribed form along with the amount of requisite fee payable and shall also provide the Executive Council with such other information as may be required by the Executive Council of the Institute.

ii. Every person upon applying for admission to membership sign an undertaking that he/she will, if admitted, so long as he/she is a member, duly observe the regulations and the bye-laws of the Institute for the time being in force and that he/she will not use the professional designation nor the designatory letters denoting his/her membership of the Institute except while he/she remains a member of the Institute.

iii. The Executive Council of the Institute shall have full discretion subject only to those regulations and the bye-laws to accept or reject all applications for admission to membership. The Executive Council’s decision shall be final and it shall not be liable to give any reasons therefore.

Every member shall be entitled to a Certificate of Membership in the form prescribed. All membership certificates issued by the Institute shall remain the property of the Institute and the
holder of a membership certificate is bound to return the said membership certificate to the Institute on his/her ceasing to be a member of the Institute for any reason whatsoever.

Subject to fulfillment of conditions laid down in the Constitution/Articles of Association, persons admitted to the membership of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) shall be eligible to use the following designation and the designatory letters except as otherwise provided:-

Associate Member (AFA)
A person may be admitted as an Associate Member if he fulfills the conditions laid down in the Constitution/Articles of Association of the Institute shall be entitled to use the designatory letters AFA (Associate of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan).

Fellow Member (FFA)
An Associate Member of the Institute who has attained the practical Forensic Accounting and Forensic Auditing experience described in the Constitution/Articles of Association of the Institute aggregating to at least five (05) years or more shall be entitled to use the designation Fellow of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP) and shall be entitled to use the designatory letters FFA (Fellow of The Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan (IFAP).

Members Directory

Membership No. Member Name Membership Type
01 Barrister Sohail Nawaz Fellow Member
02 Mr. Muhammad Muazzam Ali Zahid Fellow Member
03 Dr. Tahir Iqbal Fellow Member
04 Mr. Muhammad Tayyab Fellow Member
05 Mr. Fahim Ul Haq Khan Fellow Member
06 Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan Fellow Member
08 Mr. Irfan Khalid Associate Member
09 Mr. Shahid Hassan Associate Member
10 Mr. Mobeen Aslam Butt Associate Member
11 Mr. Azhar Mahmood Fellow Member
12 Mr. Safdar Ali Associate Member
13 Syed Imran Ahmed Associate Member
14 Mr. Sajid Iqbal Associate Member
15 Mr. Muhammad Gulzar Ansari Associate Member
16 Syed Ijaz Hussain Fellow Member
17 Mr. Shah Faisal Associate Member
18 Mr. Hamid Saeed Khan Associate Member
19 Mr. Abdul Mubeen Qureshi Associate Member
20 Mr. Abid Ali Anwar Associate Member
21 Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Panhwar Associate Member
22 Mr. Shahzad Ahmad Fellow Member
23 Dr. Joshua Olusagun Alade Fellow Member
24 Mr. Azeez Moshood Kalawale Fellow Member
25 Dr. Micheal B Olawale Fellow Member
26 Dr. Ifeanyiosakwe Fellow Member
27 Mrs. Durojaye Jumoke Bashirat Fellow Member
28 Ms. Abida Riaz Associate Member
29 Mr. Sheharyar Rafiq Associate Member
30 Mr. Vinod Khurana Fellow Member
31 Mr. Varun Khurana Fellow Member
32 Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Sattar Associate Member
33 Mr. Muhammad Ashar Alam Associate Member
34 Mr. Muhammad Qamar Alam Associate Member
35 Mr. Abdul Ghani Bawany Associate Member
36 Mr. Waheed Anwar Associate Member
37 Mr. Ali Muddassar Farooqi Associate Member
38 Mr. Azhar Hussain Associate Member
39 Mr. Shoaib Farrukh Associate Member
40 Mr. Muhammad Imran Asif Associate Member
41 Mr. Akhtar Jamil Associate Member
42 Mr. Saeed Abbas Ansari Fellow Member
43 Mr. Muhammad Ali Khalid Khan Associate Member
44 Mr. Waqas Ahmed Associate Member
45 Mr. Fahad Ehsan Associate Member
46 Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Associate Member
47 Mr. Said Ali Associate Member
48 Mr. Muhammad Saeed Nashir Associate Member
49 Professor Dr. Usman Ali Awheela Fellow Member
50 Mr. Ojo Bamisaiye Aregbesole Fellow Member
51 Mr. Yakubu Ali Awheela Fellow Member
52 Mr. Timothy Usman Awheela Fellow Member
53 Mr. Emmanuel Fain Shanono Fellow Member
54 Mr. Imran Zahir Associate Member
55 Mr. Amir Rabbani Associate Member
56 Mr. Muhammad Zeshan Niaz Associate Member
57 Mrs. Naila Zeeshan Associate Member
58 Syed Bilal Hussain Associate Member
59 Mr. Muhammad Aslam Awan Associate Member
60 Mr. Aamir Ali Khan Associate Member
61 Mr. Muhammad Basharat Associate Member
62 Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz Farooqi Associate Member
63 Mr. Abid Hussain Associate Member
64 Mr. Muhammad Mansha Associate Member
65 Mr. Jahanzaib Bajwa Associate Member
66 Mr. Muhammad Abbas Khan Associate Member
67 Mr. Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi Fellow Member
68 Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Khan Associate Member
69 Mr. Nadeem Yaseen Associate Member
70 Mr. Muhammad Rashid Associate Member
71 Mr. Elison Munyaka Fellow Member
72 Mr. Tamuka Maziriri Fellow Member
73 Mr. Bernard Matamba Fellow Member
74 Mr. Nathan Chayambuka Fellow Member
75 Mr. Innocent Zorodzai Chimbavaira Fellow Member
76 Professor M Manfred Fellow Member
77 Professor N Shirley Fellow Member
78 Mr. Taher Naqash Associate Member
79 Mr. Boo Ali Associate Member
80 Mr. Muhammad Nauman Idrees Associate Member
81 Dr. Abdul Jaleel Fellow Member
82 Mr. Jawad Saleem Fellow Member
83 Mr. Raza Ullah Associate Member
84 Mr. Majid Latif Bhatti Fellow Member
85 Barrister Umer Abdullah Fellow Member
86 Mr. Imran Saleh Associate Member
87 Farah Mukhtar Associate Member
88 Mr. Jhanzeb Abbas Associate Member
89 Mr. Kamran Khalid Mughal Associate Member
90 Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Ansari Associate Member
91 Mr. Ovais Ahmed Khan Associate Member
92 Mr. Muhammad Azam Farooq Associate Member
93 Mr. Muhammad Awais Tahir Associate Member
94 Raja Sohail Iftikhar Associate Member
95 Nousheen Associate Member
96 Maheen Iftikhar Associate Member
97 Mr. Adnan Haqqi Associate Member
98 Mr. Zeeshan Ahmad Associate Member
99 Alina Jamil Associate Member
100 Mr. Nabeel Manzoor Memon Associate Member
101 Mr. Sumair Gul Memon Associate Member
102 Qazi Moazzam Jawwad Qureshi Associate Member
103 Fareena Associate Member
105 Mr. Zuhaib Manzoor Khan Associate Member
106 Mr. Sayyed ul Abrar Associate Member
107 Mr. Muhammad Osama ZAFA r Baig Associate Member
108 Mr. Muhammad Sohail Associate Member
109 Mr. Salman Wazirali Khemani Associate Member
110 Mr. Shahzad Taimoor Khan Associate Member
111 Mr. Akhtar Rasool Associate Member
112 Mr. Abdul Basit Associate Member
113 Mr. Umair Akram Khan Associate Member
114 Mr. Naveed Saleem Associate Member
115 Mr. Noor Nabi Associate Member
116 Mr. Moiz Siraj Associate Member
117 Mr. Abdur Rehman Associate Member
118 Mr. Khurram Faraz Associate Member
119 Mr. Anzer Mujtaba Associate Member
120 Mr. Muhammad Faisal Associate Member
121 Mr. Talal Ahmed Associate Member
122 Zanobia Ali Associate Member
123 Syed Muhammad Farhan Associate Member
124 Mr. Hasan Raza Associate Member
125 Mr. Amir Hameed Associate Member
126 Mr. Azeem Karim Khan Associate Member
127 Mr. Rustam Ali Associate Member
128 Syed Muhammad Noman Associate Member
129 Mr. Hissamuddin Qureshi Associate Member
130 Mr. Qasim Gadit Associate Member
131 Mr. Sohail Saleem Associate Member
132 Syed Waqar Hussain Associate Member
133 Mr. Muhammad Riaz Associate Member
134 Saima Mehfooz Ali Associate Member
135 Mr. Ahmed Ullah Khan Associate Member
136 Mr. Fayaz Ali Metlo Associate Member
137 Mr. Raheel Rehman Associate Member
138 Syed Manzar Abbas Kazmi Associate Member
139 Masood Ahmed Fellow Member
140 Mr. Haziq Neshat Akhtar Associate Member
141 Mr. Hassaan Bin Azam Associate Member
142 Mr. Zeeshan Mirza Associate Member
143 Mr. Muhammad Umar Usman Rashid Associate Member
144 Mr. Talha Noor Chaudhary Associate Member
145 Mr. Muhammad Owais Mumtaz Associate Member
146 Mr. Owais Abdul Qayyum Associate Member
147 Mr. Aamir Fareed Associate Member
148 Mr. Umair Hussain Shaikh Associate Member
149 Mr. Zahid Sarwar Associate Member
150 Mr. Ovais – Ur – Rehman Associate Member
151 Mr. Junaid Noor Associate Member
152 Mr. Saqib Ahmed Associate Member
153 Mr. Ather Masood Associate Member
154 Mr. Adil Yousuf Associate Member
155 Mr. Muhammad Wajahat Shaikh Associate Member
156 Mr. Muhammad Farooq Hammodi Associate Member
157 Syed Waqas Naeem Gillani Associate Member
158 Mr. Kamran Saeed Associate Member
159 Mr. Atif Ahmed Associate Member
160 Syed Noman Ahmed Associate Member
161 Mr. Ali Sajjad Rizvi Associate Member
162 Mr. Aamir Amin Butt Associate Member
163 Mr. Muhammad Zameer Associate Member
164 Mr. Muhammad Omair Arfeen Associate Member
165 Mr. Arez Ansari Associate Member
166 Mr. Asif Maqbool Associate Member
167 Mr. Muhammad Siddiq Associate Member
168 Mr. Hyder – E- Karar Associate Member
169 Shaikh Jamal Yousuf Associate Member
170 Mr. Muhammad Kamran Younus Associate Member
171 Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Feroz Associate Member
172 Mr. Zaid Bin Afaq Associate Member
173 Mr. Owais Shakoor Associate Member
174 Mr. Nabeel Uddin Ahmed Associate Member
175 Mr. Sameeruddin Ahmed Associate Member
176 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Associate Member
177 Mr. Muhammad Asif Khan Associate Member
178 Syed Hassan Asghar Associate Member
179 Mr. Moheet Hussain Associate Member
180 Mr. Muhammad Haris Khan Associate Member
181 Mr. Hafiz Ghulam Mohiuddin Associate Member
182 Mr. Tariq Parvaiz Khan Associate Member
183 Mr. Arsalan Hussain Makhdoom Associate Member
184 Mr. Hamza Bashir Associate Member
185 Mr. Muhammad Amanullah Durrani Associate Member
186 Syed Askary Haider Rizvi Associate Member
187 Mr. Ali Asghar Associate Member
188 Mr. Muhammad Babar Butt Associate Member
189 Mr. Muhammad Owais Associate Member
190 Mr. Zafar Zaman Ranjha Associate Member
191 Mr. Muhammad Naseem Kalim Associate Member
192 Mr. Hashim Zoib Associate Member
193 Mr. Muhammad Javed Associate Member
194 Professor Kabir Isa Dandago Fellow Member
195 Dr. Busari Shammsuddeen Akande Fellow Member
196 Mr. Suleiman Danladi Fellow Member
197 Mr. Danda Folorunsho Quadri Fellow Member
198 Mr. Yusuf Shehu Muhammed Fellow Member
199 Mr. Musa Abdullahi Fellow Member
200 Mr. Ishola Suleiman Fellow Member
201 Mirza Muhammad ZAFA r Baig Associate Member
202 Muhammad Atiq Ur Rahman Associate Member
203 Mr. Saqib Aziz Associate Member
204 Mr. Ateeq Ahmad Siddiqui Associate Member
205 Sayyed Adeel Haider Naqvi Associate Member
206 Mr. Muhammad Ali Associate Member
207 Malik Zeeshan Ahmed Shahbaz Associate Member
208 Malik Imran Associate Member
209 Muhammad Masood Afzal Associate Member
210 Ms. Hira Maqsood Associate Member
211 Mr. Irtaza Hashmat Shami Associate Member
212 Mr. Wajid Ali Khan Associate Member
213 Mr. Ilyas Ahmad Farooqi Associate Member
214 Mr. Muhammad Azam Shahzad Associate Member
215 Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Associate Member
216 Mr. Muhammad Imran Ghazi Associate Member
217 Mr. Hafeez Ahmad Associate Member
218 Syed Anjum Mahmud Associate Member
219 Mr. Rehan Zain Associate Member
220 Mr. Muhammad Ali Associate Member
222 Mr. Muhammad Junaid Associate Member
224 Mr. Riaz Ul Islam Fellow Member
225 Mr. Tasleem Faraz Minhas Fellow Member
226 Mr. Ahmad Hassan Associate Member
227 Mr. Saad Ali Rana Associate Member
228 Mr. Junaid Ul Haq Aziz Associate Member
229 Mr. Ijaz Ahmed Rana Fellow Member
230 Mr. Rizwan Khalid Associate Member
231 Mr. Atif Maqbool Associate Member
232 Mr. Shahhid Ali Khan Associate Member
233 Mr. Asad Rashid Associate Member
234 Mr. Muhammad Farooq Associate Member
236 Mr. Kashif Farooq Ch Associate Member
237 Mr. Muhammad Javed Afzal Associate Member
238 Mr. Zafar Iqbal Associate Member
239 Mr. Waheed Ur Rehman Fellow Member
240 Mr. Waqar Ali Associate Member
241 Mr. Muhammad Awais Faizi Associate Member
242 Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Malik Associate Member
243 Mr. Phool Muhammad Associate Member
244 Mr. Muhammad Amir Associate Member
245 Dr. Mohsin Raza Fellow Member
246 Mr. Muhammad Ihsan Fellow Member
247 Ms. Fouzai Andleeb Fellow Member
248 Mr. Muhammad Azeem Ul Arfeen Associate Member
249 Mr. Abdul Wajid Usmani Associate Member
250 Mr. Muhammad Bilal Salim Associate Member
251 Mr. Ikram Ul Haque Associate Member
252 Mr. Muhammad Jamil Associate Member
253 Mr. Muhammad Javaid Iqbal Khan Fellow Member
254 Mr. Muhammad Naveed Jan Associate Member
255 Mr. Tauseef Ahmed Associate Member
256 Mr. Mirza Rehman Baig Associate Member
257 Mr. Salman Irfan Associate Member
258 Ms. Humaira Farooq Associate Member
259 Mr. Nawab Said Associate Member
260 Mr. Muhammad Awais Khadim Associate Member
261 Syed Aatir Jilani Associate Member
262 Mr. Shafqat Ullah Associate Member
263 Mr. Waqar Dilshad Associate Member
264 Mr. Fazal Mehmood Malik Associate Member
265 Ms. Nitasha Qayyum Associate Member
266 Mr. Shahbaz Ahmad Associate Member
267 Mr. Abid Altaf Associate Member
268 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Associate Member
269 Mr. Shahzad Ali Khattak Associate Member
270 Syed Ahsan Rizvi Associate Member
271 Mr. Muhammad Toseef Associate Member
272 Mr. Saad Zikar Jangda Associate Member
273 Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Arshad Saleemi Associate Member
274 Mr. Muzamil Khalid Zaman Associate Member
275 Mr. Arshad Ali Abro Associate Member
276 Mr. Sufwan Akhtar Associate Member
277 Syed Hammad Raza Jafri Fellow Member
278 Mr. Sabahat Ahmed Associate Member
279 Syed Mohammad Rehan Associate Member
280 Mr. Saeed Ahmed Associate Member
281 Syed Muhammad Kamran Javed Associate Member
282 Mr. Asad Ijaz Associate Member
283 Mr. Danish Bin Khalid Associate Member
284 Mr. Sohail Tahir Associate Member
285 Mr. Ibrar Ahmed Associate Member
287 Syed Rizwan Shahid Associate Member
288 Mr. Muhammad Hassaan Bhagat Associate Member
289 Mr. Muhammad Tarique Hussain Associate Member
290 Mr. Saadat Hussain Associate Member
292 Mr. Mohammad Nouman Associate Member
293 Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Associate Member
295 Mr. Saeed Ahmed Associate Member
296 Mr. Imran Ali Shaikh Associate Member
297 Mr. Rizwan Habib Associate Member
299 Mr. Zeeshan Yousaf Associate Member
300 Syed Faisal Hassan Associate Member
301 Mr. Imran Nawaz Associate Member
302 Mr. Farooq Ahmed Associate Member
303 Mr. Ali Shan Ahmed Associate Member
304 Mr. Ishfaq Hussain Aawn Associate Member
308 Mr. Ibrar Ahmad Associate Member
309 Syed Nayab Haider Associate Member
310 Sonia Associate Member
311 Syed Zamin Raza Rizvi Associate Member
312 Mr. Qadeem Khan Associate Member
313 Mr. Muhammad Shehryar Arshad Associate Member
314 Mr. Ammar Khurshid Associate Member
315 Mr. Majid Ali Associate Member
316 Mr. Faizan Ali Toor Associate Member
317 Mr. Riaz Anjum Associate Member
318 Mr. Dildar Ali Bhatti Associate Member
319 Mr. Zohaib Ansar Associate Member
320 Mr. Imran Saleem Associate Member
323 Mr. Imran Nawaz Associate Member
324 Mr. Edwin Hamunakwadi Fellow Member
325 Mr. Clodius Matizira Fellow Member
326 Mr. Proctor Nyemba Fellow Member
327 Mr. Cade Zvavanjanja Fellow Member
328 Mr. Rufaro Mhandu Fellow Member
329 Mr. Cloudius Garwi Fellow Member
330 Mr. Kudzanai Vere Fellow Member
331 Mr. Godwin Takundwa Fellow Member
332 Mr. Precious Mhaka Fellow Member
333 Mr. Muhammad Bilal Associate Member
334 Mr. Muhammad Naeem Associate Member
335 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Associate Member
336 Mr. Adnan Saeed Associate Member
337 Mr. Azhar ur Rehman Associate Member
338 Mr. Muhamad Kashif Khan Associate Member
339 Mr. Najeeb Akhtar Associate Member
340 Mr. Ahsan Ul Haq Associate Member
341 Mr. Marwan Ahmed Associate Member
343 Mr. Saqib Bashir Associate Member
344 Mr. Junaid Anwar Associate Member
345 Mr. Adeel Anwar Associate Member
346 Mr. Ebenezer Adentwi Edzii Fellow Member
347 Mr. Iftikhar Ali Associate Member
348 Mr. Muhammad Saleem Umer Fellow Member
349 Mr. Muhammad Asim Ghafoor Associate Member
350 Mr. Asif Ahmed Associate Member
353 Mr. Sarfraz Ahmed Khanani Associate Member
356 Mr. Awais Khalid Associate Member
357 Mr. Nand Lal Associate Member
358 Mr. Hammad Ahmed Associate Member
359 Mr. Usman Nazir Associate Member
360 Mr. Naveed Gulsher Associate Member
361 Mr. Muhammad Waqas Ahmad Associate Member
362 Mr. Khalil Ur Rehman Associate Member
363 Muhammad Farhan Ahmad Associate Member
364 Muhammad Talha Hashmi Associate Member
365 Muhammad Iqbal Qasim Bhutta Associate Member

The Executive Council/Membership Committee is vested with the absolute power to accept or reject any application for membership of the Institute without assigning any reason. However,
an appeal could be made by the applicants to the Executive Council/Membership Committee of the Institute who may if it deems necessary reconsider cases referred to it for revision. This
Executive Council/Membership Committee is empowered to exercise any or all powers vested in the Executive Council of the Institute described in the Constitution/Articles of Association of the Institute dealing with the admission of members and all matters relating to suspension, termination thereof and framing of the bye-laws under these provisions.