Program Structure

Syllabus / Course

The Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor (FA) Program is structured into four distinct stages, each comprising a set of courses or papers. These stages are as follows

Foundation Stage/Level 1:

This initial stage consists of five papers that provide fundamental knowledge in the field of forensic accounting and auditing. After successfully completing this stage, candidates can progress to the next level.

Certificate Stage/Level 2

The Certificate Stage follows the Foundation Stage and includes five additional papers that delve deeper into forensic accounting and auditing topics. Successful completion of this stage is a prerequisite for advancing further.

Professional Stage Group I/Level 3

At this stage, candidates will study five papers that focus on advanced concepts and specialized areas within forensic accounting and auditing. Completion of the Certificate Stage is required before entering this stage.

Professional Stage Group II/Level 4

The final stage of the program comprises six papers that offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in various aspects of forensic accounting and auditing. Candidates can proceed to this stage after successfully finishing Professional Stage Group I.

It's important to note that candidates must complete each stage in a sequential manner, starting from the Foundation Stage and progressing through to the Professional Stage Group II. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of forensic accounting and auditing concepts before moving on to more advanced topics.

Foundation Stage (5 Papers)
FS 1 Introduction to Forensic Accounting
FS 2 Concepts & Techniques of Fraud Examination
FS 3 Forensic Accounting & Litigation Framework
FS 4 Introduction tBusiness Communication & Behavioral Studies
FS 5 Corporate Performance Management
Certificate Stage (5 Papers)
CS 6 Investigation Process & Techniques
CS 7 The Taxation & Company Laws
CS 8 Evidence & The Forensic Accountant
CS 9 Forensic Auditing & Assurance
CS 10 Public Financial Management
Professional Stage (Group 1) (5 Papers)
PS 11 Treasury & Forex Management
PS 12 Risk Management (Basics & Tools)
PS 13 Independent Accounting Expert Reports
PS 14 Banking & Insurance Laws
PS 15 Corporate Financial Management
Professional Stage (Group 2) (6 Papers)
PS 16 Anti Money Laundering Measures & Business Ethics
PS 17 Corporate & Financial Reporting
PS 18 Corporate Governance & Administration
PS 19 Business Valuation Management
PS 20 Criminology, Legal Environment & Ethics
PS 21 Advanced Auditing or Advanced Taxation or Cyber Laws or Bank/Corporate Frauds