IFAP Annual Get-together of Members Islamabad

IFAP's Annual Get-together of Members (2022-2023) Islamabad

The annual get-together of IFAP members took place in Islamabad on May 27, 2023, where several crucial topics were deliberated. The gathering commenced with the announcement of various working committees, highlighting their significant roles and responsibilities within the institute.

The event also provided an opportunity to showcase the progress and development achieved by IFAP over the past year. Members discussed the growth and advancements in forensic accounting and auditing, underlining the institute's commitment to excellence in these fields.

A central focus of the event was dedicated to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training workshops and seminars. These learning opportunities serve as a vital component of members' ongoing education, ensuring they stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Furthermore, the publication of the annual digital journal was a key topic of discussion. This journal serves as a valuable resource for members, sharing insights, research findings, and thought leadership in the realm of forensic accounting and auditing.

The event also recognized and appreciated the approved coaching centers affiliated with IFAP, playing an essential role in facilitating education and training for future forensic accountants.

The get-together concluded with a forward-looking discussion on future goals and objectives, providing members with an opportunity to contribute their valuable insights and suggestions. The exchange of ideas and feedback from members was a pivotal part of the event, highlighting the collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence within the IFAP community.


IFAP Formation Of Committees

IFAP's Special Committees

The Institute's Executive Council has established specific committees to carry out various functions outlined in the constitution. Each of these committees is led by a Chairman chosen by the Institute's Executive Council. These committees include:

Committees Name of Chairman
Research, Development & Publication Mr. Waqar Dilshad
Examinations / Exemption Mr. Malik Imran
Education Ms. Faiza Ali
CPD Mr. Zahid Farooq
Member's Affairs Mr. Tahir Iqbal
Public Relations Mr. Waqar Dilshad
Finance and Budget Mr. Tahir Iqbal
Disciplinary Mr. Tahir Iqbal
Technical Support And Practice Mr. Majid Latif
Marketing And Communication Mr. Majid Latif
Counselling And Placement Mr. M Ali Yazdani
Legals affairs Mr. Fahim Ul Haq Khan